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End of Life Doula

Sarah Phaneuf is a dedicated member of the Serene Circles Collaborative, based in Greater Springfield, Massachusetts. With a profound calling to serve individuals and families during the sensitive period of end-of-life, Sarah has acquired expertise as an ordained member of the Universal Life Church and an End of Life Professional. With a compassionate and supportive approach, Sarah strives to bring comfort, guidance, and solace to those navigating the challenging journey of death and dying. 

Non-Medical End of Life Care

As an End of Life Doula, Sarah Phaneuf offers invaluable support to individuals and their loved ones during the final stages of life. With a deep understanding of the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs that arise during this time, Sarah provides comprehensive assistance to ensure a peaceful and meaningful transition.

End of Life Doula and Services

Services provided by an End of Life Doula can include:

1. Emotional Support: Sarah offers compassionate companionship and a safe space for individuals and families to express their fears, hopes, and concerns. She actively listens, provides emotional validation, and encourages open dialogue, creating an environment of trust and understanding.

2. Care Planning: Sarah collaborates with individuals and families to create personalized care plans based on their unique preferences, values, and goals. She helps navigate complex medical decisions, facilitates discussions about end-of-life wishes, and provides guidance on advanced care directives, including living wills and healthcare proxies.

3. Education and Resources: Sarah empowers clients and their families by providing information and resources about available options for end-of-life care, such as hospice, palliative care, and home-based services. She educates them about the dying process, pain management, and symptom control, allowing them to make informed decisions.

4. Comfort Measures: Sarah assists with various comfort measures to enhance the quality of life for individuals at the end of their journey. This may include helping to create a soothing and peaceful environment, providing relaxation techniques, and facilitating meaningful rituals or ceremonies.

5. Legacy and Life Review: Sarah encourages individuals to reflect on their life's accomplishments, values, and experiences. She facilitates life review activities, such as creating memoirs, recording personal stories, or organizing legacy projects, allowing individuals to leave a lasting imprint for their loved ones.

6. Coordination and Advocacy: Sarah serves as a liaison between the individual, their family, and the healthcare team. She ensures effective communication, coordinates care services, and advocates for the individual's wishes, helping to create a sense of continuity and support.

7. Bereavement Support: Following the individual's passing, Sarah continues to offer support to family members and loved ones. She provides grief education, facilitates bereavement support groups, and connects individuals with additional resources to help them navigate the grieving process.

By combining her training as an End of Life Professional and her ordination with the Universal Life Church, Sarah Phaneuf brings a holistic and compassionate approach to her work as an End of Life Doula. Her unwavering commitment to supporting individuals and families during this challenging time allows them to find solace, dignity, and meaning in their end-of-life journey.

Sarah Phaneuf
Serene Cirles

End of Life Doula

When seeking an End of Life Doula for your loved one, choosing a Serene Circles Collaborative Member, such as Sarah Phaneuf, ensures compassionate and comprehensive support during this profound stage of life. With her ordination by the Universal Life Church and her expertise as an End of Life Professional, Sarah brings a deep understanding of the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals and families. Her unwavering dedication, personalized care planning, and advocacy skills create a safe and comforting environment. Sarah's commitment to facilitating meaningful conversations, providing educational resources, and guiding families through the journey of death and dying makes her an invaluable companion, fostering peace, dignity, and solace.

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