Serene Circles Collaborative is committed to creating a space where love and life is celebrated, cherished, and honored. The collaboration has come together to providing a warm and inclusive experience ensures that people feel supported and understood throughout their journey. With the member's guidance  families, caregivers, and couples can embark on a new chapter, confident that their important life moment will be a true reflection of their expectations in the circle of life.

Serene Circles

The Circle of Life

Serene Circles Collaborative is a compassionate and open-hearted group of ordained ministers dedicated to embracing, celebrating, and supporting you through life's significant moments. We understand the importance of creating meaningful and inclusive experiences that honor your unique journey.

Serene Circles Collaborative

Welcome to Serene Circles Collaborative, a gathering of compassionate individuals dedicated to providing a range of heartfelt services to enhance the important milestones and transitions in your life.

House Blessings & Home Cleansings:
Our skilled practitioners bring positive energy and intention to your living space, conducting rituals and ceremonies that cleanse and bless your home, creating an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility.

Baby Blessings & Natural Baptisms: Celebrate the arrival of a new life with our nurturing ceremonies that honor the unique spirit of your child. We offer meaningful rituals that embrace the principles of nature and spirituality, guiding your little one towards a joyful and purposeful journey.

Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies & Vow Renewal: Our experienced officiants and ceremony coordinators specialize in crafting personalized and inclusive ceremonies that reflect your love and commitment. We honor diversity and create an atmosphere of warmth and connection for your special day.

Fertility Doula Support: Our compassionate doulas provide empathetic guidance and support to individuals and couples on their journey towards conception. We offer a range of holistic approaches and emotional support to empower you during this transformative process.

Pastoral Counseling: Our skilled counselor provide a safe and non-judgmental space to explore and address spiritual, emotional, and relational concerns. With deep compassion and understanding, we offer guidance and support tailored to your individual needs.

End of Life Doula Support & Funerals: Our caring team offers compassionate companionship and practical assistance during the end-of-life process, ensuring a peaceful and dignified transition. We also provide personalized funeral ceremonies that honor and celebrate the life of your loved one, offering solace and support to those in grief.

At Serene Circles Collaborative, we are committed to walking alongside you during life's significant moments, offering our expertise, compassion, and sacred rituals to enrich your journey.



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